The Langley Centennial Museum is now open. Advanced reservation is required. Please visit to book your one hour reservation.

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School Programs

Langley Centennial Museum has been delivering quality school programs to the students in Langley, and beyond, since 1974. For the past 45 years we have been sharing our heritage and educational expertise with the students of this province.  The museum has a full-time Arts and Heritage Educator, highly qualified instructors, and a team of over 50 volunteer docents.

The Fall 2020 School Program Brochure will be released when a set date for re-opening has been confirmed. 

In the meantime, Discovery Trunk Rental Kits are an affordable educational resource. 

The following rental trunks will be available:
Archaeology Trunk                                    Grades 6 - 7
First Nations Technology Trunk                 Grades 4 - 7
Pioneer Children Trunk 1                           Kindergarten - Grade 1
Pioneer Children Trunk 2                           Grade 2 - 3   

Enquiries can be made starting October 1. Please email


What we offer

Langley Centennial Museum School Programs offer a unique learning opportunity. Whether it is a program led by our incredible docent team at the museum, a trip back in time to the Lochiel One Room Schoolhouse, or a visit by one of professional Instructors to your classroom, the result will be the same, an engaging and highly educational experience.  We also have a number of very economical self-guided programs which can take place inside the museum or in the form of walking tours which take the class out into the surrounding community.  

In terms of subject matter, we offer programs focused on History, Art and Science each of which provide a wide range of options supporting a multitude of curriculum objectives. With emphasis on interactive and hands-on activities, students are participants in the program process as tactile learning plays a significant role in virtually every program we offer.  The most difficult aspect of booking a Langley Centennial Museum program is settling on just one. We invite you to look through our School Brochure and see what a valuable asset our experience and program diversity can be to your Teacher’s toolbox.  

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