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The Langley Centennial Museum’s exhibition areas are divided into two main galleries: the History Gallery and the Temporary Exhibition Gallery. 

Langley is one of the oldest municipalities in the province. In our History Gallery you can discover our collection of Indigenous woodcarvings, tools, stone sculptures, and basketry. Learn how early Asian and European settlers adjusted to their new land. Visit the recreated Michaud parlour and the Noel Booth Store to see what life was like for those that came to call Langley home.

Our Temporary Exhibition Gallery displays art, history, or science with a local, regional, national, or international focus. The exhibits here change several times a year. You will be surprised by what you see and by what may be coming next! 

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An Artistic Sustainability Challenge Revived

February 8, 2021

The Langley Centennial Museum, in partnership with the Langley Arts Council, is inviting artists to submit works of art or ingenuity for a juried upcycling art and design exhibit. Upcycling involves taking a material that would otherwise be disposed of, ending up in our landfills, and turning it into something that is valuable in a new way.

The Township of Langley’s Sustainability team coordinated the upcycling challenge for years with Willowbrook Mall, who also hosted the event.  Eventually it was no longer feasible to continue.  

“I know a lot of people were sad when we stopped doing the Upcycling Design Challenge,” says the Township’s Solid Waste Coordinator Lovena Morton, “So it is nice to see it revived in this unique new way.”

The Langley Centennial Museum has had to change course in the last year, like so many others, and some planned exhibits became less feasible for the 2021 schedule.  This gave staff a chance to think about new ideas that could be safe for visitors, while providing opportunities for local artists and upcycling inventors.

“This allowed us the possibility to take up the torch, as it were, and see if we can revive the project as an exhibit at the museum instead,” notes Arts and Heritage Curator Kobi Christian.

Some parts of the challenge remain the same.  75% of a piece needs to be found or recovered upcycled material, and the items created can be either two or three-dimensional.  Artists and designers must be 10 years of age or over.  Submissions are due to the Museum by March 31, and the exhibition will be on from Earth Day on April 22 until July 11. Click here to Download the Application Form

For more details about the exhibition, or how to enter a piece into the show, please visit museum.tol.ca, email curator@tol.ca, or call 604.532.3536.


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