Kilpin Catalogue Cover
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Winters, Barbara, ed. Legh Mulhall Kilpin Teacher Painter Printmaker Langley: Langley Centennial Museum & National Exhibition Centre, 2004. 80 pp, 30 colour plates. ISBN 0-9683675-3. $19.95 + GST.

A joint project with the Community University Research Alliance (University of Victoria), this 80 page publication, edited by art historian Barbara Winters, contains essays by Geoffray Carr, Sonia Lochner, Tusa Shea and Barbara Winters. It explores the various aspects of Kilpin`s career, his training, his artistic practice and his teaching in early 20th century Montreal, and places his work in the cultural and artistic context of his time. Most of the works illustrated and discussed in the publication are in the collection of the Langley Centennial Museum.

The publication is available at the Langley Centennial Museum, and can be obtained by sending a cheque or money order for $24.00 CDN (includes GST and shipping, USA postage add $2.00) to the Langley Centennial Museum, PO. Box 800, Fort Langley, BC V1M 2S2



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