Lochiel School Experience

Nestled in the heart of the Campbell Valley Regional Park, the Lochiel One Room School is a time capsule in an idyllic setting. Visiting classes are instantly transported back to a simpler time when education was shaped by two basic components; mastery of the academic fundamentals and discipline.

Under the stern guidance of the Schoolmarm students quickly adapt to ways gone by as they are taken through a 90min lesson which is designed to illustrate what a day in the life of a pioneer student would have been like. Of course the 3 R’s (reading, writing and r'ithmetic) are at the core of the lesson, but students also get to experience chores, recess and a healthy dose of discipline.

This program is always a favourite of Teachers, parents and most importantly students, as our realistic Schoolmarm brings this rustic setting to life in a seamless blend of role playing and interpretive education.

Cost: $100
Duration: 90 minutes
Grades: 3-6

Click here to view the Historic Lochiel Schoolhouse.

For booking instructions please refer to the school programs brochure

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