Fraser Valley Families

Grade K-2:
April 4 – April 28
$90/class. 90 minutes

Students learn about basic human, family and community needs; discuss similarities and differences between the needs of early Aboriginal and European families and those of today’s families. Students handle historic and Aboriginal artifacts, discuss seasonal activities of the Aboriginal people, and play pioneer and Aboriginal games

Learning Standards

  • Sequence objects, images, and events, and distinguish between what has changed and what has stayed the same (continuity and change)
  • Ways in which individuals and families differ and are the same
  • Needs and wants of individuals and families
  • Characteristics of the local community that provide organization and meet the needs of the community
  • Roles, rights and responsibilities in the local community
  • How people’s needs and wants are met in the community
  • First People’s uses of plants and animals

Note: The Pioneer Children’s Trunk(see page 11) is a perfect pre or post activity

More Information

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