The Hudson's Bay Company Pioneer Cemetery (1840-1884)

This cemetery, located on the northeast corner of Church and Mary Streets beside St. George’s Church, was established after the Hudson’s Bay Company Fort was built to the northeast in 1839. Approximately 30 people were buried here until the Fort Langley Cemetery was created in the 1880s. The predominantly wood grave markers disappeared quickly. 

The Fort closed in 1886 and the surrounding land, including the cemetery, was purchased by Alexander Mavis. He sold the land to members of an Anglican congregation in 1900. In 1901, St. George’s Anglican Church was built. 

The research of Bob and Sheila Puls resulted in the following list:

Known Burials 

Peopeoh (Pion Pion) b.1798; d. after 1859
Catherine (Katrina) wife of Peopeoh
Infant son of Henry and Eliza Peers 1850
Ovid Allard 1817-1874
Ovid Allard Jr. 1880-1884
William Henry Newton 1833-1875
Etienne Pepin Magice or Maille 1798-1874
William Cromarty 1815-1875
Elizabeth (Cromarty) Dawson 1847-1883
Catherine (Falardeau) Taylor 1841-1874
An Unnamed Sapper of The Royal Engineers 18??-1859

Presumed Burials 

Joseph Allard b.1862; likely died as a child
Marie Allard b.185?
Matilda Allard 1851-1879
Isabelle Pepin wife of Etienne Pepin
Ann Cromarty b.1850; died before 1875
Salum=mia (aka. Eliz, Jane, Jenny) Cromarty 1830-1869
Ten-ta-coose d.1867 aged about 100
Katherine Morrison 1875-1876
Ovid John Morrison 1872-1876
Peter Apnaut (Ohule Ouahi, Apnath) b.1825; d. before 1867
Aglae (Paiwa) (Peopeoh) Ohier b.1827; d. after 1856
Charles Ohier d. after 1856

Approximately 30 to 35 people were buried in this cemetery during its active life. Another 15 people are named in the company's records as having served in Fort Langley but whose burial places are presently unknown. Their names will be added to this memorial list if evidence of their burial here can be established.

Sarah Brousseau (1842-1889) may not be buried in this cemetery. She was believed to have been buried in the company's cemetery at Derby, her headstone having been brought here for safekeeping as the Derby cemetery eroded into the Fraser River.

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