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Dec 05 2016

We Are Kwantlen

Posted 144 days ago

We Are Kwantlen: Ancient Artifacts Connecting Home, Belonging, Place January 18 - March 26

Ancient artifacts are usually seen as dusty bits and pieces dug up from the ground and disconnected from modern life and society. The Kwantlen Nation wants to change this perception with its new exhibit.

As the exhibit title suggests, ancient artifacts from the Kwantlen collection -- some of them reaching back in time more than 12,000 years -- speak of life in the deep past, but these artifacts also connect today's Kwantlen members with their traditional territory, with modern cultural practice, and with everyday life.

The focus of the We Are Kwantlen exhibit is dialogue and reflection -- the connection of modern people with an ancient past that endures and is remembered in many ways.

Important artifacts are not just made of stone and bone- they are also the living legacies of language and art, ceremony and personal ritual. The exhibit celebrates living connections with the past in large black-and-white portraits, in stunning photographic landscapes, and in new art. It profiles Kwantlen members of today as they reflect on these ties, and their reflections are curated alongside important artifacts, including stone tools and weapons millennia-old, a baby basket recovered from the muddy land that has kept it safe for more than 800 years, and a feast bowl that speaks of the importance of gathering.

After a ceremonial opening reception, the exhibit will open to the public on January 18.

For more details, please contact the museum at 604.532.3536 or curator@tol.ca.