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An afternoon with Geoff Searle

By Tracy Letourneau, Museum Services Coordinator

One sunny afternoon, last fall, my travels lead me to a Potter’s driveway in the Fraser valley, where I was greeted by burly, gentle tour guide in modest denim overalls.

He introduced me to his rows of porcelain canvases and fine vessels in his recipes of organic materials and metallic salts that he summoned along a wall. This was no ordinary tour guide, he was a wizard and a master alchemist in disguise.

He led me to the back of his estate where typically only the master and his apprentice wizards dare to venture. There, we came upon a magnificent and magical caldron, a fireclay pit dug into the ground. He told me the magic conjured from the caldron is always a surprise. With Searle’s creations comes an opportunity to escape, speculate and admire the unexpected.

If you are interested in seeing the magical beauty of handcrafted masterpieces, come visit the world of Geoff Searle Pottery at the Langley Centennial Museum’s Gift Shop.

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