Foyer Art Exhibit

The Foyer Art Program provides local artists with a chance to display their work.  The highly visible space gives artists an opportunity to showcase their work and allows the people of Langley to learn more about our local artists. 

Submissions for the 2019 Foyer Art program will be accepted from September 1 until November 15, 2018.  The application form is available here or at the museum. 

Current Foyer Artist

Carmen Braun

The Joy of Photography for me is living life in the moment and sharing the nature of my heart through my passion for photography. It helps me appreciate the color in my life, the light and shadow that surround us in the dance of our days. It stirs the imagination and asks of me to take a moment, and for that brief moment, to lose myself. It has compelled me to look closely at the detail of that which exists around me, and therefore within me. I look at not only what is in front of me, but at the beauty of our planet and everything within it; for it all holds the possibility of becoming the nature of my subject. The insect becomes a colorful creature of articulated movement and behaviour, the forest becomes a monument of wooden giants, united as they branch over me, creating homes for life from root to canopy. Or the mountain that has existed for millennia and makes me feel small in my short time here. The colour of life expressed as a flower, a bird or a landscape that I don't take for granted. For me there is joy in walking among the flowers, listening to the wind in the trees, the crunching of leaves, or the hum of insects. To find that moment where time can be stopped and to have it come alive again in an image. A walk becomes a mystic journey each time I follow my own footsteps on paths I am familiar with and those that I am traversing for the first time. The world around me whispers to stop, to look, to listen. It entices me, through my camera as an extension of myself, to become part of a communal presence, a spirituality - which I call Nature. My family's support and encouragement allows me to express myself in this way through my photography, and for this I am truly grateful. This has expanded my emotional connection to the world around me, and it is my hope that through my photographs, it will do the same for you. 

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