Exhibitions Overview

The Langley Centennial Museum’s exhibition areas are divided into two main galleries: the History Gallery and the Temporary Exhibitions Gallery.  The displays in the History Gallery reflect Langley’s distinction as one of the oldest municipalities in the province.  Here you can discover our collection of First People's woodcarvings, tools, stone sculptures, and basketry.  Learn how early Asian and European pioneers adjusted to their new land.  Visit the recreated Michaud parlour and the Noel Booth Store to see what life was like for those that came to call Langley home.

Our Temporary Exhibitions Gallery displays temporary exhibitions of art, history, or science with a local, regional, national, or international focus.  You might find Canadian art, quilts, fossils, or photography.  The exhibits change several times a year.  You will be surprised by what you see and by what may be coming next!  Click here to see what is on now.

Treasures From Our Collection

This thematic display of treasures changes seasonally and allows the museum to exhibit some of the artifacts from the museum’s permanent collection that visitors don’t often get to see.  Past displays have included:
  • Hats
  • Remembrance Day
  • Lighting
  • Photography
  • The British Empire
  • Travel and Collecting

You will be surprised by what you see and by what may be coming next.

Foyer Art Program

The Museum's Foyer Art Program provides local artists with a chance to display their work. The highly visible space in the Museum's Foyer gives artists an opportunity to showcase their work and gives the people of Langley a chance to learn more about our local artists.

Congratulations to all of the 2018 selected artists! To see who is currently displaying their work at the museum, click here.

Applications are accepted to the Foyer Art Program every autumn.  The application form will be available here or at the museum for the 2019 year by the end of August.  Please contact the museum at 604.532.3536 or curator@tol.ca for more details. 


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Aug 10 2018

Melissa Burgher

Vancouver based artist Melissa Burgher is a contemporary animal and landscape painter. Growing up in White Rock with her large and colorful family taught her the importance of hard work and taking care of others. Her time living in different communities and working on various farms with animals helped Melissa to develop a love and respect for all things sentient. She began painting early and in grade 12 was sponsored for art school. After art school Melissa spent many years in northern areas where she encountered varying ways of life, rugged landscapes and wild animals. From this experience she developed a love and respect for the wild and untamed Canada. While living and working in the north she owned horses and engaged with the landscape by riding in the snow or doing overnight hiking trips. She soon decided she wanted to do more for her communities and went back to school. She completed a psychology degree at UBC in 2017. In the past four years she worked in Vancouver’s East end with vulnerable families, worked in Ladner with people who have autism, and was a recreation assistant in a psych ward. Melissa began to get more serious with her painting three years ago and has sold works across Canada and Internationally. She is currently employed as an Aboriginal Infant Consultant and works full time as a visual artist. She hopes to try and make a difference for those she serves in early life. She often credits her artworks energy, strong colours and shapes to the experience and teachings from many of Canada’s coastal First People’s.

Her work often focuses on landmarks that represent knowledge and animals that symbolize traits and strengths. Her focus is to portray nature’s resilience to harsh and changing environments while also discussing ways nature can provide insight. She combines both plein air and studio painting to achieve something that is both reminiscent of the real yet strangely surreal.